Sam Li's Bio

Sam Li has always been a movie lover. She watches movies all the time, and never is without an opinion about one. She’s been on the set of a movie many times, and is very well versed in the acting realm. Being an actor herself, she has been through many hard times with her opinions and sought out a different way to express herself. Being inspired by some other popular reviewers online, she decided that movie reviews would be a perfect outlet for her creative imagination. She also is a graphic artist, an aspiring writer, a musician, and a manager of a band.

Matthew Di Leo's Bio

Matthew Di Leo is currently an aspiring musician with a love for movies. He spends most of his time watching movies and writing up reviews for them, all with a very strong opinion about them. Not always seen in a very conventional light, he brings a colourful view to his reviews.

Claude's Bio

Claude Limberger started his business career at the age of fifteen in his father's electrical family business. He has considerable technical experience and is an expert in computer technology, including programming in machine language for the operation of industrial controls. Claude is also a motivator and facilitator, is highly creative and an experienced producer and writer with feature film and television production experience. Mr. Limberger has three published books and is currently working on his fourth. Claude has experience in website content / website hardware development and maintenance, software programming, and writing for game content.