Sweeny Todd:

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Omega64 said: (01/24/11 4:52AM)
Hello again...

I would like to apologize in advance of what I am about to say... but first of all I will point the good stuff of your review. I am not a big fan of the \"new\" Tim Burton, specially of his resent mediocre fest \"Alice in Wonderland\" however, Tim Burton is one of the directors that really knows what to give to the \"Artsy\" audience what they want: Johnny and Weird stuff, giving a dark touch and focusing of the character that are different in society. What I was shocked of what you said that musicals are not his thing... Well good thing that you were still young to not see what he did with Danny Elfman. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the only one that made people suffer with his awful adaptation. Anywho, I see clearly that you didnt saw this video of yourself after you recorded it, talking nonsense the entire time. In the \"point 1 to Tim Burton\" you said basically that everything was incredible: Acting, Music and Cinematography, which covers a good bunch of the movie in general. When you start your \"review\" if you want to call it that, it proove me that you have never seen a musical act or even know what musical theatre is? The movie Sweeney Todd is inspired by the musical of Broadway with the same name that was also inspired by a legend that happened in london on the 18 hundred of a serial killer. If you see any youtube clip of the musical, you will see how wrong you are. Its clear that you didnt informed yourself or even try to investigate about this musical. There is something that you should know that it is called \"Dark Comedy\" Sweeney Todd used it, Little Shop of Horrors used it and many other ones. It made me giggle when you said that you have seen plenty of musicals and you said that this wasnt a musical. Every single disney fan boy/girl makes that comment. The movie supposed to be violent and gross. If you make a little effort and try to see the subtext you can see that you are wrong every 3 things you point and I am not the only one saying it, you are contrasting yourself since the very beggining. I give you one big recommendation if you want to continue this \"hobbie\" of yours: Dont be Lazy. This sweeney todd review is by far one of the worst videos/review I have ever seen. It is what an Otaku\'s review would be like. Trapted in their own world and just speaking and contrasting yourself... I wouldnt call it \"blasphemy\" what you did... I will just call it \"Waste of time\" THIS is clearly not your best work, Dont be Lazy. Its up to you, if you want to take my advice and experiment or you can just stay the same.
\"One person\'s craziness is another person\'s reality.\"-Tim Burton